Summer style tips

You guys!!! We are legit obsessing over this gorgeous family session by Locke Photography

Not only is this family #goals, but can we just take a look at their outfits?!  This shows how you can easily mix several colors, patterns, and textures and still have flawless coordination.  Encourage your clients to take their outfits to the next level by asking them to think outside of the box!

Styling tips for today:

  1.  Don’t forget the accessories.  Sometimes adding that bracelet, awesome shoes, suspenders, or in this case, floral halo, can take your photos to the next level.
  2. Flowy dresses for the girls help show movement in the photos.  And they are super comfortable and flattering!
  3. Try getting the main guy (dad, husband, boyfriend, etc.) to step outside of the box and wear colored jeans or khakis.  Jeans can look great in certain instances, but see how dad’s dark khaki pants just add to the vintage vibe?
  4. Finally:  Create your look from head to toe.  You can have a one of a kind shirt and pants for your son, but if he’s wearing neon sneakers…well lets just say it’s going to draw attention where you don’t want it!

Here are a few links on where to purchase some of these outfits or ones similar:

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