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Every photographer can agree that authentic smiles, relaxed snuggles and playful movements make photos come alive. Forced smiles and stiff poses are a thing of the past. You have to remember, the “elder millennial” generation that is currently hiring photographers for family photos all grew up with traditional studio style portraits! It is engrained in their brains to say, “Look at the camera!” and “Say cheese!”. The trick is trying to figure out how you can transition your clients into this newer age of candid photography.

Well, we have a treat for you! The creator and founder of Unscripted Posing App is gracing us with some knowledge and how the Unscripted Posing App can help you guide your clients into breathtaking moments captured, instead of sitting in the park “cheesing” at the camera!

1) How and why did you come up with Unscripted? A year ago I was doing an engagement session with a couple who were reeeaally introverted. You know, the type of people who would rather get a root canal than let loose in front of the camera. After what felt like 62 years (but was probably 6 minutes) I ran out of ideas. I scrolled through endless saved screenshots on my phone and fumbled around with my prompt cards, all while my clients were staring at me like “Omg babe get your shit together!” After that awkward session, I decided, “Screw this, I’ll make my own posing resource”. It had to be quick, easy, and super visual, and it needed to deliver a tonnn of fresh posing & prompt inspo that I could access in a pinch. And so the Unscripted Posing App was born! This venture has grown from a simple idea into something bigger than I ever imagined. We now have a full time team of epic people making it all possible, and our community of photographers support and inspire us and each other every day!

2) What sets you a part from other posing guides or why is Unscripted unique? Unscripted is a photographer’s must have app with unlimited poses, prompts and planning tools to skyrocket your business. With over 3000 unique poses and prompts, and a brand new client management feature to manage photoshoots from beginning to end, it’s the only platform of its kind. There is no comparable product or guide available that provides as much value and information as Unscripted does. With free educational guides, a sun tracker feature to track golden hours, and camera settings always on hand, we’ve grown into more than a simple posing guide, and are now a one stop shop for photographers needs.

3) What are the membership options you offer? Affordable, accessible and oh-so-useful — Unscripted is designed to help improve your photography sessions, without needing to invest in yet another course. From poses and prompts to education and client management tools, this is the app photographers don’t want to go without. We’ve kept it super affordable, far cheaper than any online posing course or client management platform on the market:
Monthly: $14.99

Monthly: $29.99 (get one month free)

Yearly: $99.99 (Get 12 months for the price of 6)

Lifetime access for a one off fee of $119.00 (limited time only)

4) Why is it important to get your clients moving in their photo session? The days of the awkward prom pose, and same-same images of everyone smiling at the camera are well and truly gone. Conquering the awkward, and connecting in with who your clients actually are and what they are all about is what Unscripted was created to do. As photographers our job is to preserve who our clients are in this exact moment; the giggles, the wrinkles and all the beauty in between. Using prompts allows clients to interact with each other in an authentic way so they’re comfortable enough to let down barriers and allow you to capture genuine emotion! Not everyone is outgoing and extroverted, half of your clients will be introverted and shy. Pre selecting poses and prompts that suit your clients personality is so important (which you can do with our easy to use client questionnaire) and allows you to quickly build  rapport during a photoshoot and connect in with who your clients are and what they’re all about. Although we focus a lot on posing, the real magic comes from using prompts to bring out the wide mouthed belly laughs we all see on Instagram.

5) How does Unscripted pick/curate which photos and prompts to feature within the app? We receive hundreds of submissions from photographers from all over the world every single day. We have a nifty little submission screen in our app where users can upload a photo with a corresponding prompt. We hand select images that are unique, authentic, and professional, and always strive to feature images showcasing diversity in locations, ethnicity, and editing styles. We upload over 100 new poses each week.

6) What is one thing/feature Unscripted is working on to add to members’ experience? We are constantly listening to our users feedback, which we get daily from our active facebook community. new feature we release is because our users have asked for it. We’ve just launched a full client management feature so now users can their send clients; questionnaires, invoices and contracts as well as pre plan poses and prompts based on their clients answers. Everything they need from golden hour times to kids names, can be recorded in the app and accessed in a pinch during a photoshoot. We want this to be the one tool every photographer uses for planning their photoshoots and we have lots of new features in the pipeline to reach this goal.

If you would like to up your prompt game and have more relaxed clients then you should ABSOLUTELY join the yearly or unlimited plan and use coupon STYLE20 for $20 off!

Your styling team,

Holly and Melissa

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