I Provide Style & Select to my Clients – Now What?

Normally there is a style tip at the bottom of each blog, but today we will begin with a style tip!

While solid white and khaki is the traditional color palette for beach sessions it is becoming more and more popular to wear gorgeous colors that compliment the gorgeous scenery. Clients do not have to wear all white and they actually pop more when they stand out from the dreamy sand and water. Why should clients pay money to have photos taken just to blend in with their background? Now, whites and tans can absolutely look amazing on a beach if clients utilize different fabrics and textures within their outfits. Talk to your clients about what beach vibe they are going for and if they want the traditional white vibe, encourage them to put a little twist on it with textures and/or accessories.

Ok, on to the good stuff!

Kista Haas Photography has sent us several sessions of her clients looking fly as hell (to be frank) and we just knew we had to feature her on the blog and ask her a few questions that some members have asked over the past year. We have noticed that most of the answers we get from several photographers who successfully have clients utilize this service all have common answers – including the talented Kista Haas.

How do you introduce your clients to Style & Select and persuade them to use it? “Since using Style & Select I tried a few different ways and this was the game changer. I introduce the idea to them before they even book with me… it’s included in my session breakdown on what they get with their package. Once they book, it’s expected…it’s part of their package and they usually start the conversation around styling before I do! Which I LOVE!”

Do you give clients access to the site or do you style them yourself and email the results? “Well, I’m kind of a control freak… so with new clients…I’ll ask them a few questions to gain insight about their personal style and then email them options. Returning clients understand more of what they should be looking for so I send them the site and let them use it on their own, but I still have final approval or change little things. With both new and returning clients I always ask them if they will be purchasing new pieces for their shoot or wearing something they already have in their closet. This way I have a starting point to style around pieces they already have.”

Any other tips? “I have found some amazing retailers through Style & Select so another thing I love to do is send my clients to vici.com or threebirdsnest.com and have them send me links to things that catch their eye. This gives me a good starting point as well.”

There you have it! It is honestly that simple. Educating your clients before they become your client and finding the clients who care about the overall process. It is hard to convince someone to go buy and/or wear incredible outfits if they don’t care about or value the overall look of the photo session. Other members have said the same thing and even further, some members tell their clients they have a certain look/branding for their business so it is important to follow their styling guidelines. While that may be too bold for some of you, it all comes down to feeling confident in what you envision for your clients’ session and communicating that to them. Education is key and sometimes it can take more than once to encourage a client to step outside of their comfort zone. If you have a particular style you are wanting your photography business to move towards it is extremely helpful to do a styled shoot to show potential clients what their images could look like (especially when their outfits are on point *wink*).

Special thanks to Kista Haas – go check her out here!

Happy Styling,

Holly & Melissa

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