Fall Outfit Guide for Family Photos

(top image by Shiloh Colleen Photography)

We wanted to give you and your clients a breakdown of the Fall Trends we’ve been seeing!

As you know, we scour retailers on the daily and with doing so – we start to notice things that are increasingly common across the board. Colors, patterns, fabrics and styles change every year and this year we have a pretty good idea of what will be the Ultimate Fall Trends! Let’s get started.

Complimentary Colors

First up, tones and complimentary color schemes! This year a lot of bold and bright colors are being shipped out. We have noticed that a lot of darker navy clothing items have become more of a muted and dusty blue. A stone blue, if you will. Yellows use to be a rich mustard color, but we are seeing, now more than ever, the yellows this fall are pale sunshine, golden honey and camel shades. Bright reds are taking on a cinnamon and dusty rose tone. Last, but not least, greens! Olive and hunter greens are still very much a thing, but lately a lot of sage, seafoam, and army greens are making way. All in all, a lot of retailers are “toning down” their colors and going for a very soft and dusty palette of clothing pieces.

Safe color schemes to coordinate with this fall are shown below! (Of course, there are plenty of other “fall combos”, but these are the popular colors we are seeing out in stores).

Layering Adds Visual Appeal

Last but not least, layering! You can never have too many layers – especially if you are located in a colder climate during the fall months. On Style & Select our main goal is to give you stylish and photogenic clothing items for every person involved in the session. This, unfortunately, does not include large heavy coats. The best way to stay warm during your fall session is to add accessories that keep you warm! For ladies, you can add a chunky sweater over a strappy maxi or pair with a maxi skirt. Add some knit socks and tall boots and you’ve got yourself a super cute and warm fall outfit for photos. Men, wear flannel button ups, V Neck Sweaters, Henley tees with a cardigan or flannel overshirt. Paired with boots and a knit stocking cap you will feel warm while lookin’ good! For kiddos and babies it is really easy to warm their outfits up with knit stockings, boots, sweaters, tall stockings, vests, and light jackets.

For little girls it is very common to have a tank top dress or tank top jumper in the results. It is as simple as adding a long sleeve shirt underneath, and a cardigan over top to make it the ultimate fall outfit. For infants, a cute sweater with bloomers and long knit socks is a great way to still show off chunky thighs, but keeping warm. Lastly, throw a bonnet and a blanket on baby and you have the perfect cuddle sesh combo!

Image by Hazel and Honey Photography

Stay warm out there and Happy Fall Y’all!

Your Styling Team,

Holly & Melissa

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