Casual Outfits With Pops of Color!

Prints and patterns aren’t everyones jam. I get it – I have more solids in my closet than anything (solid black, specifically!). Also, not every mom wants to wear a majestic flowy dress. Although, we, as photographers, love when females wear boho dresses that have a lot of movement, we also love when our clients feel comfortable and confident. If that means everyone is wearing button ups and cardigans during the photo shoot… then rock on sister! But for all things that are high and mighty, please please please add some color if you are going to do a casual vibe. Photography is a visual artistry (duh) and everything from the location, to weather, to outfits matters. Outfits matter, they really do.

Styling Tip: If you would rather do plain tops and/or dresses, pick a color scheme that you love and find solids that you can intermix and mingle with each family member. Example: A family of 4 loves mustard yellow, navy and maroon. Perfect! Dad wears maroon, mom wears yellow, son wears navy with Yellow/Khaki Pants, daughter wears Maroon dress with a blue cardigan. Everyone is cohesive, yet wearing different solid colors! Aka, you do not have to dress your entire family in different shades of blue. Solid colors typically compliment each other no matter what – so pick a few!

Cheers and Happy Styling!

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